HotHaus Yoga & Movement has been established with a new breed of the practitioner in mind. A healthy mover first and foremost; regardless of age, sex, history, or yoga experience.

We created the HotHaus Method – a modular class approach that brings together the ancient practices and tradition of yoga with latest research and developments in the movement industry to ensure our students can enjoy a physically safe, smart and effective practice and keep their bodies strong, mobile, healthy and in balance.

HotHaus method is rooted in and brings together the elements of the following:

  • Classical Hatha yoga, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga
  • Joint mobilisation through Functional Range Assessment and Conditioning
  • Identifying and addressing muscular imbalances (Upper/Lowers Cross Syndrome (UCS/LCS) through The Janda Approach.

As teachers we believe in continuous study, self-practice and growth. We keep working on expanding our own frameworks and skillsets to that we can bring you the latest science backed practices and a one of a kind transformational yoga and body work experience.

If you are an existing yoga teacher looking to deepen your knowledge or would like to teach at the HotHaus please contact us regarding HOTHAUS METHOD Immersion. E-mail: