ALPHA ( 90min ) – This is our signature, all-body, general-level class that brings together all of the fundamentals of the HotHaus Method. It joins elements of Hatha, Power, Ashtanga yoga, and HIT to encourage freedom of movement and a sense of balance and empowerment. It takes your whole body through a series of deep twists, hip openers, and backbends and works on core strength. Develops freedom of movement, challenges balance, and improves flexibility. Balances body and mind. Suitable for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. Improved balance

  • Upper body, core, and glute strength
  • Flexibility, grace, and fluidity
  • Increased stamina and focus
  • Breath and expansion
  • Freedom of movement
  • Meditation


W. T. F.  ( 75 min ) – HH ‘W. T. F’  (Way To Freedom) blends the latest research and science-backed methods of the renowned Functional Range Conditioning System with Yoga and Asana Practice. Special focus is placed on increasing joint ROM (range of motion) and improving joint stability and mobility through Progressive and Regressive Isometric loading. Sessions develop body awareness and control. Designed for people who actively engage in sports ( running, cycling, skiing, hockey, triathlon athletes, etc ) and those looking to enhance their existing yoga practice or sports performance and bulletproof their bodies against injuries.

*Sessions led by our Senior Teachers who have been trained to work with Athletes and hold official FRC Functional Range Conditioning MC Qualification.

  • Gain Competitive Edge
  • Increase Active Range of Joint Motion
  • Stabilize and Strengthen your Joints
  • Increase Movement Control
  • Increase Mobility – gain flexibility that is supported by the strength
  • Enhance your athletic performance
  • Address imbalances in your body
  • Aid Injury Rehab
  • Advance your existing Yoga Asana Practice


WILD ( 60min ) – This is a little sister of our HH90 (ALPHA) class, who knows how to throw a good punch! Simple yet powerful. This class merges the powerful Warrior sequence and other yoga elements from our HH90 ALPHA  with FRC System ( Functional Range conditioning). It targets mobility, working with all the main joints of the body, improving the joint movement range, and bulletproofing the joints from injuries. All this is offset by a deep opening and sense of release. Movement-based class accessible to all. Suitable for beginners, great for pro Athletes. 

  • Skeletal alignment
  • Improving the range of the joint movement
  • Bulletproofing the joints against injuries
  • Increasing strength at the end range of your flexibility
  • Full body strength
  • Stamina and endurance
  • Creates freedom of Movement


FOCUS ( 75min )  – the big sister brings a deep sense of balance and release. This class works on creating a healthy and mobile spine, pelvis, and hips while at the same time building strength in the muscles to support the joints and skeletal system. The pace is slower, postures are held for longer so we can tap into connective tissues and go deeper. The class invites you to surrender to the practice and nurtures a strong link between body and mind. Deeply relaxing and suitable for all levels

  • Works on spinal articulation
  • Deep hip opening
  • Releases tight hamstrings and hip flexors
  • Corrects physical miss alignments
  • Works on pelvis alignment and support
  • Deeply relaxing
  • Brings awareness into movement


CLASSIC ( 26+2 – 60min ) – Based on a traditional hot yoga class, sequenced and adjusted for HotHaus; our Classic will take you through all 26 postures of traditional hot yoga sequence and 2 breathing exercises. The class develops alignment and brings strength and flexibility. It’s a great foundation class suitable for all levels of practitioners and all levels of fitness

  • Develop stamina and fitness
  • Core, upper body, and leg strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Learn correct alignment
  • Work on your discipline and focus


LIFT ( 60min ) – This one-hour class is suitable for ALL LEVELS of practitioners. ‘Lift’ teaches you how to prepare and activate your body for arm balancing through a number of postures you are already familiar with and have practiced throughout HotHaus Method Classes. You will learn how to safely approach arm balancing, get comfortable and confident with inversions, and will get an opportunity to have fun and enjoy arm a number of arm balancing postures, even if these are entirely new to your practice.

  • Develop core strength
  • Develop upper body strength 
  • Develop arm and wrist strength
  • Learn correct alignment and how to confidently approach arm balancing and inversions
  • Safe approach and environment for BEGINNER students to start their arm balancing practice 
  • Opportunity for EXPERIENCED students to practice, improve and enjoy their favorite arm balancing postures


FIRE UP By Invitation Only ( 90min ) – This is advanced yoga and movement class where more seasoned students and yoga teachers get the opportunity to explore the freedom of movement and deeper expressions of yoga postures you are used to practicing in most of the general yoga classes. This class is only accessible when invited to join by one of the HotHaus Senior Yoga Teachers.