HotHaus has been established with a new breed of practitioner in mind. A Yogi and Mover first and foremost; regardless of age, sex, history, experience. Our classes aim to bring together the ancient practices and tradition of yoga with latest research and developments in the movement industry. We also like to have fun.

Our practice is rooted in classical Hatha yoga, Bikram and Ashtanga yoga, but we also acknowledge and accommodate for the changing needs of our busy modern lifestyles. HotHaus is space where it is possible to get fit and healthy while practicing in a safe and efficient manner. Through straightforward classes we encourage the practitioner to work on focus, determination, balance and look inward. We support you with an aim to create and reinforce that golden thread connection between body and authentic spirit that lies in each and every one of us.


  • Classes are generally 90 or 60 minute long
  • We practice within a group in a room heated up to 36°C
  • Classes are taught in English
  • You can use our mats for FREE, towels and water can be rented from the studio